Our Prices

The costs of an individual cremation will vary depending on the package you require. Generally, the cost of cremation ranges from £70 for a cat, £120 for the smallest dog rising to £225 for larger pets.

These prices includes the cost of a scatter tube. If you would prefer a more permanent urn or casket for your pet’s ashes or a memorial, please see our shop page for pricing.

Our cremation package price is determined by four factors:

  1. Choosing an individual cremation or communal cremation
  2. Weight and size of your pet
  3. Transportation costs
  4. Purchase of additional urns, caskets or memorial items

Collection of your pet and the returning of its ashes in a scatter tube will incur a transportation charge. We charge £5 for collection + £5 for return of ashes for borough residents and a further £1.20 per mile for transportation outside of the borough boundaries, each way.

When you speak to someone from our team we will give you a price tailored to your individual requirements. Payment is required prior to cremation by debit or credit card.

All prices include VAT at 20%

For a quote please call one of our team on 0115 901 3713