Our Services

The costs for our pet cremation service varies depending on the type of pet and the service that you choose.

Individual Cremation

Communal Cremation

We can collect your pet from your veterinary surgery or home address (There is a nominal fee charged for this). Your pet will then be transported to our Jubilee House site and will be cremated alone within a clean, enclosed chamber. We guarantee that your pet will be cremated alone and the ashes will be returned to you or your vet within 48 hours for a charge, or they can be collected from us. Your pet's ashes will be carefully placed into a scatter tube of your choice which is included in the price or into an urn or casket, for an additional cost. Examples of which can be found on the Urns, Caskets and Memorials page.

You can choose to have a communal cremation for your pet. Again, we can collect your pet from your veterinary surgery or home address. As there is no separation of pets for this cremation choice you will not receive any remains but you can request a cremation certificate.

All remains will be scattered by our staff in an unmarked woodland setting in a sensitive and caring manner.

Our Reflection Room

Book of Remembrance

The Reflection Room at our Jubilee House site is available for you to sit with your pet to say your final farewells should you wish to. We keep a social distance from our customers and will wait outside while you spend time with your pet. We have hand sanitiser available in the room and you can wear a mask, however they are not mandatory.

We provide a book of remembrance at our centre and you can also fill in our online book where a message and photograph can be stored as a fitting tribute to the memory of your pet.